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Emergency Measures

May 5th - May 11th, 2024 is Emergency Preparedness Week! This year's theme is "Be Prepared. Know Your Risk". The Manitoba Emergency Management Organization has created a toolkit of resources to help Manitobans prepare for an emergency. You can find all the documents here

The R.M. of Grahamdale's goal is to ensure that it's residents have access to the most up-to-date emergency information online, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week.
In non-emergency times, this information is intended to be a resource for citizens in preparing for an emergency and protecting yourself, your family and your property should the need arise. Be prepared before an emergency happens!
What should you know?
  • Plan for an emergency.
  • Visit the Resources & Links section for more information on preparing for emergencies.
  • Talk to your Municipal Emergency Coordinator. In the R.M. of Grahamdale, that's Nyla Klatt.
  • Talk to your R.M. Office.
In the event of an emergency, this page will have: 

  • The latest news, updates and advisories at your fingertips.
  • Information on How to Get Assistance.
  • Information on How to Volunteer your time during an emergency.
  • Visit the Emergency Media Center for the latest R.M. news releases.

Prepare Yourself
  • (Public Safety Canada)
  • Your Emergency Preparedness Guide (
  • How to prepare a family emergency plan - Click HERE
  • General Preparedness and Response Brochures and Downloads (Emergency Measures Organization)
  • "Think Safety" Family Emergency Handbook (PDF, 548kb - Government of Manitoba)
  • Time To Prepare (PDF, 188kb - City of Winnipeg)
  • Emergency Preparedness for Pets (PDF, 89kb - Government of Manitoba)
  • Weather Office (Environment Canada)
  • Flood Forecasts (Manitoba Water Stewardship)
Government of Manitoba
  • Emergency Measures Organization - EMO
  • Manitoba Water Stewardship
  • Fire Program (Manitoba Conservation)
  • Flood Information
  • Red River Valley Flood Protection
  • Resources for Residents
  • Road Information (Manitoba Transportation & Government Services)
  • Forecasts/Reports (Infrastructure and Transportation)
Government of Canada
  • Association of Public Safety Communications Officials Canada
  • Canadian Centre for Emergency Preparedness (CCEP)
  • Canadian Red Cross
  • CANUTEC (Transport Canada)
  • Emergencies & Disasters (Health Canada)
  • Emergency Telecommunications Branch (Industry Canada)
  • Environmental Emergencies (Environment Canada)
  • Lightning in Canada (Environment Canada)
  • Public Safety Canada
  • Weather Office (Environment Canada)

Volunteers assist their communities in many ways, including:
  • Providing essential services at a reception center during an emergency or disaster. Assisting in radio communication.
  • Providing emotional support to people in need following a disaster.
  • Identifying potential food, clothing, lodging, pet care, resources, etc.
  • Assisting with preparedness or response activities such as sandbagging.
Volunteers may be needed to assist in various capacities during an emergency or disaster. In the event of an emergency, this page will provide information on how to volunteer your time.
How can I help?
Anyone wanting to volunteer in an emergency can phone the R.M. Office and tell them you would like to be added to the Volunteer list. Office phone # 204-768-2858
What is a State of Local Emergency?
Manitoba’s Emergency Measures Act requires the RM of Grahamdale to establish emergency preparedness plans and programs and to implement those plans when an emergency or disaster exists or appears imminent. A State of Local Emergency can be declared in such a situation, giving local authorities the power for 14 days to take action to prevent or limit the loss of life and damage to property or the environment.
  • Click here to download the "HELP" window poster
  • Click here to download the "OK" window poster