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RM of Grahamdale - Community Profile:
People and Nature at Their Finest”
The RM of Grahamdale welcomes you to the Northwest Interlake in all our seasons.
Nestled along the North-East shore of lake Manitoba, the area provides many various experiences for everyone. Enjoy the beauty of nature with the wonderful solitude of its woods and meadows, go camping, boating, or swimming. Lake Manitoba’s sparkling waters boast some of the best fishing in the Interlake. For land lovers there are back country roads to explore and discover.
The beauty of fall is seen in the red, yellow and gold leaves against the dark green background of the White Spruces; the golden fields of grain, and the bales dotting the meadows. The skies dotted with V-shaped formations of Canada Geese on their annual migration; the night stillness broken by the call of waterfowl on their way to their winter home.
Covered in a blanket of snow, the RM of Grahamdale offers spectacular winter scenery. Clean, crystal-clear snowdrifts sparkling in the sunlight, or etched in blue shadows under the light of a brilliant moon. Velvet wintry nights with the fiery undulations of the northern lights. Trees covered with a mantle of hoarfrost, sparkling like diamonds in the morning sun. Discover this beauty while cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, ice-fishing, sleigh riding, snowshoeing, curling, skating and various other winter activities.
Springtime in the RM of Grahamdale steals slowly over everything. The animals give birth to their young, the tree buds open, and flowers begin to bloom. A mantle of green creeps slowly over the ground and trees, and the migratory birds return to the area for the summer. The call of the meadowlark, the caw of the crow, the honking of the geese, the spawning of fish in the creeks all point to the arrival of spring.
Unique Attractions in the area:
  • Largest Meteorite in Western Canada
    •  Though very few people know, the residents of the St. Martin and Gypsumville area are living next to (or even on) a terrestrial impact crater. Approximately 220 Million Years ago an asteroid hit that spot creating a crater approximately 40 km in diameter.
  • Steep Rock Cliffs
    • The cliffs of Steep Rock are made of limestone and over thousands of years wave action has molded them into sheer drops, caves and other unusual geological formations. The rocks are also a habitat for the Crocus. This is one of the most photographed locations in Manitoba.
  • Historic Sites
    • Hilbre School , St. Pauls Lutheran Church , Buztynski Log House , St. Helen’s Anglican Church.
Recreation and Community Places:
  • NorthInterlake Recreation Centre - St. Martin, Manitoba
    • Bowling, Curling Rink, Baseball Diamonds
  • Moosehorn Community Club – Moosehorn, Manitoba
    • Curling Rink, Baseball Diamonds, Hockey Rink, Playground
  • Steep Rock Beach Park – Steep Rock, Manitoba
    • Beach, Marina, Playground, Public Boat Launch, Tennis Court, Baseball Diamond, Camp Sites (seasonal available)
  • WatchornProvincial Park – Moosehorn, Manitoba
    • Beach, Boat Launch, Camp Sites (seasonal available)
  • Community Halls
    • Camper, Moosehorn, Grahamdale, Faulkner, Steep Rock, St. Martin, Gypsumville