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Communities History

The RM of Grahamdale has communities within its jurisdiction:
Mulvihill - Grahamdale - Camper - Hilbre Faulkner - Moosehorn - Steep Rock Fairford - Gypsumville - St. Martin
The Rural Municipality of Grahamdale
RM Office 
The RM started as The Local District of Grahamdale, it was formed January 1, 1945. All assets of the existing school districts were vested in The Local Government District of Grahamdale, namely; Allenby, Aston Villa, Bayton, Birch Bay, Blairholm, Byng, Carn Ridge, Crossen, Davis Point, Fairford, Fox, Grahamdale, Gypsumville, Heaton, Hilbre, Idylwild, Karpaty, Kissman, Longridge, Lonewood, Martin, Moosehorn, New Scotland, Scandia, Springburn, Steep Rock, Van Dusen, Walmore, Woodale, Barnwald, Kirkfield, New Home, Parker, and Silver Bay.
The first office was situated in the Hamlet of Grahamdale, named after the first settler, Mr. Graham, until the building burned in 1969. An office was rented in Ashern until 1972 when the Administration Office was constructed in Moosehorn. Unfortunately, records were lost in the fire. The first meeting recorded was held on Tuesday, April 1, 1969. Occupations in the area consist of farming, ranching, fishing, small business owners, credit union branch, corporate citizens such as Continental Lime Ltd. and Lafarge Canada, open pit mining and forestry. Canadian Forces Station Gypsumville (Pineimuta) left the area in 1987. January 1, 1997 the LGD of Grahamdale became the RM of Grahamdale.