Cottage Subdivision # 3
R.M. of Grahamdale Steep Rock Development # 3
  • The Municipality makes no representation about the condition of the land - make your own inspection
  • No natural or constructed drainage system is restricted by any construction or other activities on the land
  • New RTM or Construction of a home (minimum 1000 sq feet) shall be substantially completed within five years to lock up stage ( exterior walls, windows, doors and roof fully closed in ) - No later than October 1, 2014
  • Approach with culvert at owners expense to municipal standard
  • Survey certificate available at extra cost
  • Fresh Water Supply - Well Drilled
  • Holding tank minimum 1000 gallon septic tank
  • Construction of building must comply with all applicable legislation, regulations, building standards and zoning by-laws
  • Mobile home or travel trailer permitted during allotted five year construction period only
  • Development plans (or any renovations or additions) must be submitted to Cliff Westfall, the Building Inspector
  • Owner responsible for electrical connection from lot boundry to any building that requries electrical service - HYDRO not available at time of sale
  • MTS is responsibility of property owner
  • Clearing of underbrush only permitted on first 99 feet from water edge
  • Important for quality of life, esthetics, property value - any trees removed from property for construction of buildings, consider replacing
  • No burning permitted for clearing underbrush without a burning permit requested from RM of Grahamdale office: 768-2858
Lot 15 is the only lot available for sale.

Contact the R.M. of Grahamdale
Municipal Office for more information.