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RM of Grahamdale
RM of Grahamdale
Picture by: Art Dehls
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Steep Fun Rock Trail
RM of Grahamdale is located on the east shore of Lake Manitoba!
Sandy Beaches, Limestone Cliffs, well kept campgrounds and friendly people make the area one of the best tourist attractions in the Province of Manitoba. Tourists come to the RM of Grahamdale to enjoy fishing, hunting, baseball, swimming, sailing, boating and camping. And that's just in the summer! Winter offers more activities such as curling, ice fishing, skating, hockey and of course snowmobiling on the beautiful groomed trails.
The RM of Grahamdale has communities within its jurisdiction:
Mulvihill - Grahamdale - Camper - Hilbre Faulkner - Moosehorn - Steep Rock Fairford - Gypsumville - St. Martin and their surrounding areas offer small town lifestyle with an abundance of wildlife, fish, birds, limestone cliffs, and caves, grassland, scenic rivers, lakes, beaches, forests and marshes for the nature love, avid hunter, fisherman, sports person, explorer or vacationer.
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