Community Development Corporation
Overview of the Rural Municipality of Grahamdale Community Development Corporation

The Rural Municipality of Grahamdale Community Development Corporation (CDC) is a local economic development organization established by the Rural Municipality of Grahamdale.

The objective of the CDC is to:
  1. Operate exclusively for the sole purpose of planning, developing and promoting social and economic development in the Rural Municipality of Grahamdale, specifically attuned to generating a renewed appreciation of the rural community and;
  2. To cultivate the growth of a revitalized economy.
  3. To create an opportunity for persons, local or otherwise, to obtain employment through either working within a small business owned by others or gain entrepreneurial experience through the operation of a small business owned by themselves.  
The R.M. of Grahamdale's Community Development Corporation meets once a month and is composed of a minimum of six and a maximum of ten Directors, including two Council appointed representatives and a youth representative. 
The Board of Directors, elected annually, is as follows:
Diane Price (Chair)
Tera Sparrow (Vice Chair) 
Garry Anderson
Adrienne Baker 
Evelyn Gunther
Raymond Ashley 
Talyia Tober
Philip Blaine
Brad Stabner, Council Representative
John Halchuk, Council Representative
If you have any questions, comments or concerns pertaining to regional development, don't hesitate to email our CDC at